The Saudi Thoracic Society Profile

The Saudi Thoracic Society, hereafter called “The Society” is recognized by King Saud University in Riyadh and is located at its premises and may have more chapters in other locations if needed.

Name and Its Location:

The Saudi Thoracic Society is affiliated to King Saud University in Riyadh (Central Region) and is located at its premises and have two main chapters one In Jeddah (Western Province) and one in Al-Khobar (Eastern Province)

Objectives of the Society:

  • The progression and development of the scientific thinking in the specialties of the Society (adult and pediatric pulmonology, thoracic surgery, critical care, allergy, sleep medicine and respiratory therapy).
  • Giving the opportunity for the workers in the Society to contribute the scientific development of its fields
  • Enhancing exchange of scientific thinking in its field amongst different institutions and disciplines in the Kingdom and abroad.
  • Offering consultation and performing the appropriate studies to improve the level of performance in the fields of the Society in different institutions/disciplines
  • Participation in Public Health Education in problems and diseases of the chest
  • Issuing booklets, letters, etc. for public health education
  • Establishing and running the following programs:
    1. Anti-smoking campaigns
    2. Tuberculosis control program
    3. Home oxygen program
    4. Other programs related to the specialties of the society
    5. Any of these programs can be run as a separate unit, under the supervision of the Society.
  • Cooperating with other societies and institutions with similar activities

Journals and Magazines:

The Annals of Thoracic Medicine: (ATM, ISSN 1817-1737) is the official publication of the Saudi Thoracic Society (STS). It features cutting edge clinical investigations in the multidisciplinary specialties of chest medicine, such as pulmonology, cardiology, thoracic surgery, transplantation, sleep and breathing, airways disease, and more. The journal also features basic science, special reports, case reports, board review questions, and more. Editorials and communications to the editor explore controversial issues and encourage further discussion by physicians dealing with chest medicine. The journal is published four times a year at the beginning of each quarter.

  • A leading Journal in Thoracic Medicine with an impact factor of 1.803
  • A peer review and open access journal
  • Available in PubMed
  • Indexed in more than 30 search engines
  • Initial review by the board within a week
  • Submission – Decision time is 45 days only
  • No processing or publication fees
  • A friendly free online submission system

The Saudi Thoracic Society has a quarterly published magazine (published in Arabic called "Al-Tanafos)


The Society will achieve its objectives listed in paragraph 2, by all possible means particularly by:

  • Promoting the scientific research and the related topics, publishing the results of such research, distributing and exchanging them with the related disciplines
  • Issuing journal, bulletin and letters indicating the results of the research being done in its fields
  • Arranging scientific trips after approval of the appropriate authority
  • Establishing a library which contains books and periodicals mainly in pulmonary medicine.

Number of branches and locations:

  • The Head Office is located in Riyadh.
  • Eastern Region (Located in Al-Khobar City)
  • Western Region (Located in Jeddah City)
  • Qassim Office
  • Abha Office

The number of registered members reaches 2000 members around the kingdom.